Diana - white dressDiana specializes in the dances from the end of the 18th to the end of the 19th century. This includes dances from the time of Jane Austen, and dances from the historical periods usually called The Regency or the Victorian period. This includes Cotillions, couple dances, country dances and Quadrilles. She regularly runs the summer and winter Festival balls for the Jane Austen Festival Group at Bath, enjoying the beautiful ballrooms in The Guildhall, the Pump Room and the Assembly Rooms there.

For 14 years Diana was the full-time Education Manager for the English Folk Dance and Song Society running dance workshops for over five thousand teachers. She has published training books and CDs for schools, on English and British Country Dance, Maypole Dancing, Longsword dance, Victorian Dance and Children’s Playground Games. Many of which can still be purchased from EFDSS.


Vic CDDiana has a first degree in History and a Master’s Degree in Cultural Traditions which included studying the music and dance traditions of the British Isles. She has taught in many English Universities as well as in Ireland and America and has visited France, Denmark and Holland to call at Heritage workshops and Balls. She has also taught classes in Irish Set Dancing and continues to teach a healthy activity class, at a day centre for the over 55’s, using country dance as the fitness medium.

Over the years Diana has been a committee member of The Early Dance Circle, The Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society and has been a member of Quadrille Club run by Ellis and Christine Rogers for more than 25 years, regularly performing with their demonstration team.


She currently runs a mainly 19th century quadrille class in Chatham. For fun she likes to dance the old Irish Sets and sing folk songs when possible.